Gillian´s Choice is Top Breeder in Show in 2011, 2012, 2015 and 2016!

As a member of the Austrian Retrieverclub since 1996, I started breeding in 2009 under the FCI protected name Gillian´s Choice, a tribute to my foundation female dog Neala´s Gillian Anderson! Since the beginning of 2014 I have been a proud member of the English Flatcoated Retriever Society.


My aim is the dualpurpose Flatcoated, which is healthy, with a lot of will to please and to be able to go from the show ring to a picking up and be also a friendly companion pet!


Due to Gillian, 5 Show Champions out of 4 litters were born, including one International Showchampion with working certificate. To find the perfect studdog is very important for me and it takes me always a lot of time and thought. As I have known this wonderful breed for 20 years, I try my best to support and improve the breed.



The puppies were born in our living room and stay there until they are 3 or 4 weeks old. So they have a lot of contact to me and my family. Afterwards they move into a special garden house with access to the puppygarden. They may spend lots of time there to play around and discover the world. In the puppyarea there is a special puppy-equipment for them to learn to go over a bridge, and lots of other toys and obstacles. They also have their first contact with cold game, but only under control.

To the feeding time I call them with the double whistle to train them easily to listen to it.

I also make short cartrips, they hear different noises and have a lot of contact to other people and children.

The first weeks are very important for the future and I do everything for them to give them the best start! They leave with an EU Passport, Chip, ÖRC/ÖKV/FCI Pedigree, and naturally they get the first part of vaccination and are dewormed four times. 

It is very important for me to keep contact with the buyer, if they want and I will always give them advice if needed. 


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Mitglied bei ÖRC/ÖKV/ FCI und Foxterrier Club Österreich